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1) Request your own ambassador coupon code by email.

2) Tell your friends to shop and get 5% off through your coupon code!  We’ll keep track of how many sales you make.

3) You get 5% credit of the sales*  for your next order.

*If a sale is fraudulent or refunded, you will not receive a commission on the sale.


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thetoggleclampfactory’s cornerstone

Why we built

We found the costs spent on circulation way TOO HIGH.some of the costs are necessary but MOST of them are not.To be specific,toggle clamps from our factory to users usually go thru 2 tiers-the brand company and a reseller,the brand company add up a huge pile of profit merely by put a logo on the products.of course,business runs for profit,but it’s just too much,in our opinion.

Does it have to be this way?we gave our

Our value is,to save you the unnecessary costs on toggle clamps,to deliver nice and cheap toggle clamps.


Plan to save!

No tricky.No strings.All you need is to make a better purchasing plan.

1.Do you have a purchasing plan?Let us know.

2.How?By knowing your purchasing plan,we have better choices to ship your orders,for example,by sea,which have a lower rate than by express service.Plus extra discount from factories.

3.Is it worthy?It saves more than you think,especially with recurring orders.we can ship planed stocks in one time to local warehouses,and ship it to you locally.

Sound interesting?Feel free to contact.