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Dowelling jig master kit for 6/8/10mm dowels


Packages contents(shipping.weight:2kg):
*Main body(reference plate, millimeter scales on both sides);
*3 bushing guide sets for 6mm,8mm, and 10mm dowel's along with drill bit, stop collar an indexing pin for each size;
*Extension bar;
*Locking part(with center line mark) and knobs;
The main body’s material is Bakelite(a thermoset).Bakelite still has some of its classic applications in automotive and electrical products. It’s more suitable for distant international shipping, meanwhile keep its high level performance.

This jig is not for the faint of heart, it is a heavy robust jig made to be used and by design very accurate. For connecting two boards together it is fast and provides for a good strong joint. Alignment is easy with the opening in the front that provides to the correct alignment. In use it is very easy to use, assemble the suitable busing guides on,place it on the board, line up the edge with an end and drill your holes. Itcan be used on the edge of a board, the face of a board or in the middle of a large instruction

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